Cor Roozemond


My name is Cor Roozemond and Arja is my partner. After many years of working in the corporate world, I have become active as coach in our practice for personal development since 2017.

I attended the four-year Heart & Mind program with Larijs Trainingen in which mindfulness takes up a central position. Mindfulness has made me more aware of my intentions for society and my fellow human beings. As manager I learned how to deal more effectively with stress and it increased my patience as well as my compassion for my colleagues.

As Executive Board Member I hope that with my knowledge and experience I can contribute to the value, reputation and application of mindfulness.

Wim R.M. Nan


I was employed as a lawyer for many years. By now I’m retired which has opened up the opportunity to use the experience that I have gained, in my capacity of member of the Executive Board of MindMore Foundation. I try to apply the elements of mindfulness, that I encounter both in literature and in practising as much as possible. I hope that as Executive Board member of MindMore I will be able to share the positive effects and the pleasure that mindfulness gives me, with others.

Marieke G.E. Makkink

member executive board

At the early days of my working life (at the time I was a physiotherapist) I became interested in various relaxation and consciousness techniques. As my professional career transformed into one as an acupuncturist and orthomolecular therapist, the importance of a competent dealing with stress became increasingly prominent in my treatments.

My introduction to mindfulness and the resulting deepening of my knowledge and continuous practice, have made me very aware of how valuable understanding of mindfulness can be for daily existence and functioning. That awareness is something I grant to everybody!

That is why I would like to support the MindMore Foundation wholeheartedly in the pursuit of scientifically responsible dissemination of mindfulness and accessibility for all with my enthusiasm, diligence, sobriety and insights.