Policy Plan


MindMore Foundation is a foundation (hereinafter: the Foundation) that wants to create a platform from which the philosophy and ideas of mindfulness may be supported. The legal form of ‘foundation’ is preferred as this legal form secures an optimal continuity, a balanced and transparent organisation as well as a non-profit nature.

Objective of MindMore Foundation

The objective of the Foundation is – where possible on a scientific basis – to support the dissemination, practice and acceptance of mindfulness to promote the mental wellbeing of all.

The Foundation endeavours to realize this objective by among others:

  • providing financial support for projects and initiatives in the domain of mindfulness;
  • setting up development plans and providing assistance to expanding existing initiatives whether or not on an international basis;
  • supporting scientific research into the merits, impact and consequences of mindfulness in specific circumstances.

Structure of MindMore Foundation

The Executive Board, and as such the Foundation, operates independently from donors and recipients. Based on the independence of the Executive Board and the social objective of the Foundation, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has designated the Foundation as a so-called Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI), as referred to in section 5b of State Taxes Act (AWR). The Executive Board members are not remunerated for their activities.


The viability of the Foundation has been guaranteed by an initial gift. Furthermore, the Foundation is open for all donors who support the objective of the Foundation.

Policy intentions

The Executive Board feels that the objective, in combination with the growing interest in mindfulness in general, constitutes a sound basis for the future of MindMore Foundation. A number of projects have already been identified that may be supported. The first contacts have been made with universities abroad and projects that they supervise and these will be expanded. In this way the Executive Board hopes to contribute to spreading the practice of mindfulness in a scientifically sound and enthusiastic manner, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Executive Board is convinced of the positive impact and the social importance of mindfulness and expects that the Foundation will be able to contribute to this in the coming years.